Andrea Lo Curto




FlowTech is the recently born collection of artworks, in which I want to represent a distorted, but perhaps really conceivable future.

Everything you see has been realised by myself with Blender (3D modelling and rendering).

___ At the break of dawn ___

A world now devoid of human life, where nature manages to emerge and fascinate as it once did. Now, however, AI and technology are the responsible for the rediscovery of its beauty. This encounter between technology (intelligent and spontaneous at the same time) and nature, generates some melancholy and disturbing images.

At the break od dawn
At the break od dawn, close-up
At the break od dawn, close up

___ The Last Judgment ___

The last judgment, according to Christianity, is an event that will occur at the end of time.

In FlowTech's imagination the end will be marked by a last judgment too. However, this time it will be the logic, the code, and the mechanics that will decide for the future. To embrace spontaneity and natural logic, or to stick to the rule?

The Last Judgment
The Last Judgment, detail

Why the passion flower?

The crown of colored filaments surrounding the ovary represented the crown of thorns. The five stamens are an expression of the five wounds of Jesus. The three stigmas instead represent the three nails in the hands and feet. The five petals indicate the remaining faithful apostles. The androgynophore represents the pillar of scourging. The tendrils are the scourges.

The Last Judgment, detail
The Last Judgment, detail

___ Medusa ___

In the heart of rampant urbanization, the metropolis emerges. A seductive and enigmatic woman who captivates the hungry eyes of dreamers and the ambitious.

Like a towering asphalt diva, the metropolis presents herself in all her beauty, but she also conceals a dark side, a disquieting reality that lurks beneath her splendor.

Medusa, frame
Medusa, frame

The possibilities that the metropolis promises seem endless. It offers a refuge for unexpressed desires, a fertile land for those seeking fortune and success. But the price of this relationship with the metropolis is insidious. Its hidden alleys tell tales of loneliness, alienation, and despair.

The bustling thoroughfares are like sirens' songs that lure and devour the naive. Rampant individualism becomes a mask that separates its inhabitants, creating a city of strangers, lost in a sea of unfamiliar faces.




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